Monday, 7 September 2009

Fantasy Art Prints I Like On Zazzle

There are some great artists out there today who create fantastic pieces of art through traditional media or digital means which is becoming more common place now by using photoshop and other programs like illustrator with a wacom tablet to draw and colour without the aid of scanning in drawings and designs.

Some of the best that I've seen on Zazzle are more likely digital works of fantasy art, but there are the odd hand drawn designs on there that look just as good and so here is a run down of the top 5 fantasy art prints that I found whilst searching through Zazzles database.

So here we go, fantasy art print number 1

Red Faerie Digital Painting by Artist Juan Solorzano

Zombie Skeleton By Zazzle Artist Rustyoldtown

Gothic Halloween Witch Poster by Molly Harrison

Cassandra Mushroom Flower Fairy Poster Print by Myka Jelina

Cassandra Mushroom Flower Fairy Poster print
Cassandra Mushroom Flower Fairy Poster by mykajelina
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Prehistoric Dream By Visualdarkness

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