Friday, 23 October 2009

Demonic Skull Art Poster Print

Demonic skulls, I myself love to draw and this one is a close match to what I would draw and colour on the computer, the skull looks almost vampiric rather than demonic, but it still is a worthy design for a unique poster art print to hang on your wall.

Must make a mental note to create a new skull print or two!!!

A Scene Of Storytelling Art Poster Print

A wonderfully realised painting that sets the scene of the smaller characters amidst a large backdrop of trees and local landscape, look close or you'll miss the story being told!

(Story Telling) Poster Print print
(Story Telling) Poster Print by philippesarts
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Winning Dragon Poster Print

With the tagline " Sometimes the Dragon Wins!"
A deep red dragon picks his teeth with a knights lance after eating him nice and toastified, a nice painted piece that has echos of Larry Elmores work.

Santa Sleigh And Snowflakes A Christmas Poster Print

This Christams art print is just a classic redition of what we are used to seeing on good quality Christmas cards and this one is beautifully created in watercolours and has that extra Christmas charm that could make any wall look nice and christmasy!

The Fantasy Art Of Sara Butcher-Burrier

Just surfing on Zazzle and came across this fantastic art piece, of course it was on a keychain, but I expanded it so you could see the wonderful full art piece, Sarah is a freelance artist and teacher and she illustrates childrens books and that is quite evident from her amazing artwork....take a look through her wonderful gallery as there are certainly some designs I like - sarabillustration's Store at Zazzle

Lusinga Keychain

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Castle Ruins Digital Poster Print

A castle ruin photo that has been digitally altered in the sky from a nice summers day to a stormy dark night, this poster print can be customized and framed however you want and this was an experiment by artist Wayne Tully by using the free software Gimp to create the sky effect.