Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dragons Canvas Print

An artists imaginative dragon lady and tiny dragon.
The imagery of this art painting looks nice and the dragonesque lady looks quite cool with all the scales and dragon skin.

Black Death Dragon Poster Art Print

This dragon looks like it's going to kick some arse and take some hostages whilst bitch slapping some other dragon. It's a really nice dragon art print and one that I would buy with the subdued earthy colours.

The Sanctuary Atmospheric Poster Print

Art print of a scene of a sanctuary which is very heavy on the atmosphere with the moonlight shining through the building structure, the use of blues and monochrome tones help to make this an early morning night time timeless classic of an art print.

Fighting A Dragon Poster

Dragons are the very best creatures in fantasy art, so this poster reflects the art of dragons quite well and the typical warrior of the fantasy worlds having a good old fashioned fight to the death. This poster is in black and white, but it still is an inspirational piece of art.

Ebay Has Many Fantasy Art Prints Up For Auction

Doing a search on ebay can be a good place to find fantasy art prints of many styles, these art prints are available to either bid on or buy for a set price.

I tend to go for the lowest price for art prints if I'm buying them as there are so many art prints that I want to get a collection of some for a set price if I can.

View the current fantasy art prints on Ebay right at the bottom of this blog

Current auctions don't last long so try and be quick!!

Chinese Dragon Print Design

Chinese dragons are really colourful and with this dragon design it has a lot of energy and something to say about chinese dragons as an art form in itself.

Curiously it has someone riding the dragon holding a gun, but this just adds something extra to the dragon art, as often I see other chinese dragons just on their own in dragon from.

Fairy Art Print With A Violet Feel

A nice fairy painting art print with a colour of violet that makes it seem like a fairies dream with smooth brush strokes.
Fairy art is very popular what with the artists such as Brian Froud and Amy Brown creating fantastical fairy paintings and artwork.